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My husband and I moved to Annapolis, MD 6 years ago and purchased our first boat. We were so excited, but admit, we did not know the first thing about boat maintenance! Since then being out on the water has become our favorite past time and we have met so many other people with the same passion for being on the water.  

As part of our learning experience, we saw a need... a need for boat owners, like us, who do not know where to start looking when we needed help with our boat.  And we certainly did not have the time to weed through the many contractors available for boat maintenance needs...some good... some not so good.  This is where FirstMate Services comes to the rescue...  

How FirstMate Services Help

FirstMate Services is an app that allows you to find the right Service Provider for the service you need.  Get a quote from several professionals at the click of a button.  We also handle the invoicing and payment once the work has been completed. 

Why Service Providers and Contractors use FirstMate Services

Struggling to keep up with all the texts, phone calls and emails you get asking for help to deliver a service to a boat owner?  Too expensive to market your business?  

What FirstMate Services Offer Service Providers & Contractor


You will be marketed on the app for free,  there is no cost to you to be on the app. 


We connect you to boat owners who are looking for the services you provide. 


We offer a chat function and the ability to upload photos to help you understand the work that is being requested. 

Quotes and Estimates

Directly through the app you are able to send a quote or estimate to the boat owner.  

Invoice and direct payments

You are able to accept a job, invoice directly to the customer and receive payment directly in your bank account.   

One location for all projects

We keep track of the jobs requests, accepted and declined, customer information, quotes, invoices and payment all in our app to simplify your business needs.

Why boat owners use FirstMate Services

Tired of trying to reach a Service Provider or Contractor to do work on your boat?  Getting invoiced weeks or months later, having to write a check, find an envelope, stamps and mail your payment?  Or maybe just wanting to keep the communication channel open with your Service Provider? 

What FirstMate Services offer Boat owners


We connect you to local service providers and contractors that fit your service needs.  You choose who you want to receive quotes and estimates from.


We offer a chat function that allows you to directly communicate with the service providers you choose.  Allowing you to share additional data and photos of the project you need completed. 

Quotes and Estimates

You are able to get quotes and estimates directly from the Service providers and contractors through the app.  You can also accept or decline an estimate or quote. 

Invoicing and direct payments

Once the job is completed you will receive an invoice directly from the app and can pay the service provider or contractor with your credit card.  

One location for all projects

We keep track of all the job requests you ask for, the service provider or contractor information, invoices, payment all saved  in your projects on the app!  


You will have the ability to rate the services you receive with our 5-star rating system.  This will also help you decide which service provider or contractor is right for you.  

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Whether you are an iOS or Android user you can download you app by clicking on the button below or go to the App store on your phone to download directly. 

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