About Us

Our Story

We’re a team of boaters who have experienced many of the joys and challenges of boat ownership. As new boat owners, we were so excited to join this amazing community! But like most new boaters, we didn’t know much about boat maintenance, and sometimes struggled to find good companies to support our fun new habit, both in our home port and when we were away on adventures.

Since then, being on the water has become a way of life and we have met many others with the same passion for the boating lifestyle.  But as part of our journey, we saw a need... a need for fellow boat owners to find good service providers when we need help with our boats. We’ve also worked with many phenomenal service providers and witnessed their successes and headaches when dealing with boat issues and managing their businesses.

After years of discussions in boat cockpits, restaurants, and bars (often accompanied by indecipherable scribblings and ramblings), we finally decided to accept the challenge.  We pooled our team’s boating, software development, and small business experience to build a solution that we think works for both parts of the community - boat owners and service providers.  The result is our company, FirstMate Services, and the FMS app.  We hope you’ll join us in our continuing journey and help us build our collective community!