What FirstMate Services Offers to Service Providers


Your company gets free advertising in the app! There is no cost to you to be listed, and no “preferred” or “sponsored” advertising in the search function.  In fact, we do not accept advertising from any service providers.


We connect you to boat owners who are looking for the services your company provides. 


We offer automated notifications of key events (requests for quotes, acceptance of invoice, payment completed, etc.) an in-app chat function, and the ability to upload photos to help understand the work that is being requested and to show the completed project. 


You can create, edit and send a quotes directly to the boat owner using the app.  

Invoice and direct payments

You can accept a job, invoice the customer, and receive payment directly into your bank account.   

One location for all projects

We keep track of the jobs requests (whether accepted and declined), customer information, quotes, invoices, and payment in the app to streamline and simplify your business records.