What FirstMate Services Offers to Boat Owners


We connect you to local service providers that fit your service needs.  You choose which companies you want to receive quotes from, then pick the one that best meets your needs.


You can rate the company on the services you receive with our 1-5-anchor rating system (like 1-5 stars) and add a detailed description of why you provided your assessment.  You can see each company’s average score, the number of reviews its based on, and read detailed reviews from other verified boat owners (owners who used the app to choose the company and complete a project) to decide which provider is the best fit for your project. 


We offer automated notifications of key events (new quotes, work completed, invoice sent, etc.) an in-app chat function, and the ability to upload photos to share additional data about the project you need completed.  


You receive quotes directly from the service providers you select through the app.  You can also accept or decline a quote within the app. 

Invoicing and direct payments

Once the job is completed you will receive an invoice directly from service provider via the app, and you can pay the service provider with your credit card or via ACH (bank to bank) payment.  

One location for all projects

We keep track of all the projects you request, including service provider quotes, invoices, and your payments.  This information is available to you anytime, anywhere in the app.